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Brow Lamination System

Brow Lamination System

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Introducing an innovative Brow Lamination System.

This system contains all 3 steps to create a luxury brows service.

Step 1- 10ml in a new design (airless pump bottle)

Step 2- 10ml in a new design (airless pump bottle)

Step 3- Brow Nourishment, 10ml

Step 1- Brow Lifting Solution:

This solution is used for the FIRST part of Brow Lamination System. This product softens the hair cuticle, thus opening the cuticle scales and penetrating carefully into the hairs. The mild formula of the solution ensures the perfect eyebrow hair straightening providing the maximum protection of hair bonds.

Step 2- Brow Neutralizing Solution:

This is the solution used for the SECOND part of the Brow Lamination System. This product restores the disulfide bonds and the natural pH level of the hairs. It protects the hair from damage and sets the eyebrow hair shape. This solution is enriched with the nourishing complex based on cationic and wetting agents, which provides the conditioning effect on the hairs, adds shine and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Step 3- Brow Nourishing Solution:

This solution provides a powerful moisturizing, regenerative, soothing and protective effect on the skin aft­er the brow lamination treatment. The oils also prevent dryness and damage of the eyebrow hairs and facilitate their strengthening



Fine Hair: 5-8 minutes

Medium Hair: 8-10 minutes

Course/Thick Hair: 10-12 minutes


Fine Hair: 3-4 minutes

Medium Hair: 4-5 minutes

Course/Thick Hair: 5-6 minutes


Leave on brow hairs for 24 hours.

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